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Photo from the article "The 35 Remington: Americas Other Lever Gun" Click photo for complete article

Author with Snake River mule deer taken with the T/C Contender in .35 Remington

The Cast Bullet / Hunting Articles Of

Glen E. Fryxell

From the article "Of Old Rifles, Old Friends, and Cast Bullets". Click image for article

The Authors Marlin in .35 Remington. The RCBS 200 grain GC-FP hit home audibly and knocked the meat hog off it's feet.


Ruger 357 Maximum Super Blackhawk revolver: Photo from the article "The 357 Max" Click photo for article
The Ruger .357 Max Was Available in

7 1/2" & 10 1/2" Barrel



From Ingot to Target: A Cast Bullet Guide for Handgunners
A new full length book on bullet casting
by Glen E. Fryxell & Robert L. Applegate
Foreword by John Taffin
pdf version


Glen E. Fryxell Is Published Extensively In:
The "Varmint Hunter"
The Cast Bullet Association's "The Cast Bullet"
Handgun Hunters International BI-Monthly Magazine "The Sixgunner"
The Journal Of The Thompson-Center Association "One Good Shot"
Official Publication Of The International Handgun Metallic Silhouette Association "The IHMSA News"
And on numerous web sites
An excellent information source on the cast bullet, the history of the firearms that shoot them,
good friends, the hunt and nostalgia. We hope you enjoy Glen's writing as much as we have.

The Articles of Glen E. Fryxell


The .38 Keith Hollow Point – the Ideal 358439



& Cast Bullets

Cast Hollow Points and the .45 ACP  pdf

Cast Hollow Points  pdf

Cast Hollow Points: The Next Generation  pdf

The Lyman Devastator Hollow Point Bullets  pdf

Cast Hollow-Points And The Contender   pdf

Safe Handling Of Lead When Casting And Tumbling Brass  pdf

Cast Bullet Alloys And Obturation  pdf

Skeeter's Bullets  pdf

The Bullets Of SSK  pdf

The "Simple" Act Of Fluxing  pdf

A Few Comments On Cast Bullet Alloys   pdf

Lubricating Cast Bullets  pdf

A Cast Bullet For All Seasons  pdf

Mountain Molds  pdf

The 38 SWC  pdf

The 44 SWC  pdf

The .45 Keith SWC  pdf

The Himmelwright Wadcutters  pdf

In Search Of The Perfect Bullet  pdf

The 358477 HP

New Option For LEE 2 Cavity Moulds



The Story Of Marlin And The Levergun   pdf

Marlin 1894  pdf

Marlin's Microgroove Barrels  pdf

The 444 Marlin  pdf

Headlong Into The Hornet’s Nest - Custom 25 Hornet Old Model Blackhawk  pdf

The .35 Remington: America's "Other Levergun"  pdf

The Varmint Revolver  pdf

The 480 Ruger, In Perspective  pdf

The Preachers Gun - 32-20 S&W M&P   pdf

Herter's .401 PowerMag  pdf

In Praise Of The 38 S&W Special  pdf

Further Experiments With Cast Hollow-Points In The .44 Special


The .32 S&W Long: A Handgun Hunter's Perspective  pdf

The .40-50 Sharps Straight Contender   pdf

The .357 Maximum  pdf

The .338 GEF Revisited  pdf

The 44 Special Revisited  pdf

Cast Bullets In The .30-40 Krag  pdf

The Eckman Hollow Point 10mm  PDF (in PDF soon)

Nostalgia, Good Friends

& The Hunt

The Rites of Spring  pdf

Hunting with the .40-50 Sharps Straight  pdf

The Birthday Present  pdf

Why We Hunt  pdf

Of Old Rifles, Old Friends And Cast Bullets  pdf

Of Old Guns, Old Friends, And Cast Bullets: Verse 2  pdf

Variations On A Near Perfect Theme  pdf

The Summer Of 38  pdf

Floyd's Mould  pdf

John's Mould  pdf

A Love For The Classics  pdf

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed...  pdf

The Levergun Catalyst  pdf

The Old Man Of The Mountain  pdf

This one’s for you, Lyle  pdf  


So, You Want To Be A Crack Pistol Shot?  pdf

The Origins Of Magnum Performance  pdf

What Would Elmer Say?  pdf

Of Knives And Steel  pdf

Three Dollar Bill  pdf





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Articles reprinted with permission of Glen E. Fryxell and one or more of the following:

Warning: All technical data mentioned, especially handloading and bullet casting, reflect the limited experience of individuals using specific tools, products, equipment and components under specific conditions and circumstances not necessarily reported in the article or on this web site and over which The Los Angeles Silhouette Club (LASC), this web site or the author has no control. The above has no control over the condition of your firearms / equipment or your methods, components, tools, techniques or circumstances and disclaims all and any responsibility for any person using any data mentioned.

Always consult recognized reloading manuals

    Keith's 358439 HP 38 Special    
Smith & Wesson 4" Model 610
Photo from the article "The Lyman Devastator Hollow Point Bullets" - Click image for article
10mm Auto Cartridges
  Photo from the article "The Lyman Devastator Hollow Point Bullets" - Click image for article    
S&W .38/44 Outdoorsman
Photo from the article "The Origins of Magnum Performance" - Click image for article
From 1932
    S&W K-38 Masterpiece    
Cast bullet photo's below by Web Master
SAECO #264 6.5mm 140 gr. GC RCBS 35 Caliber 180 Gr. Silhouette SAECO # 305 31 Caliber (.311" diameter) 180 Gr. FPGC RCBS 44 caliber 240 Gr. FPGC Silhouette Bullet RCBS 35 caliber 250 Gr. FPGC rifle bullet
SAECO 6.5mm RCBS 35 Cal SAECO  31 Cal RCBS 44 Caliber RCBS 35 Cal
#264 140 Gr. GC 180 Gr. GC Silhouette #305 180 Gr. FPGC 240 Gr. FPGC 250 Gr. FPGC
SAECO # 396 35 caliber 180 Gr. TCPB SAECO # 311 30 caliber 160 Gr. TCGC Lachmiller 45 caliber 200 Gr. SWC PB Lyman # 225438 .225" 44 Gr. RNGC - Great 22 Hornet bullet SAECO # 068 45 caliber 200 Gr. SWC BB
SAECO 35 Cal SAECO 30 Cal Lachmiller 45 Cal Lyman 22 Cal SAECO 45 Cal
#396 180 Gr. TCPB #311 160 Gr. TCGC  SWC PB 200 Gr. 44 Gr. RNGC #068 200 Gr. SWC BB