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Articles Reprinted With Permission Of The Author and
The Articles of Jim Taylor, the levergun, the cartridges, range testing and campfire tales
A Master story teller of Leverguns, revolvers, the hunt
and campfire tales of the old west
Four Brand New Articles From Jim Taylor  

(PDF) Ordeal on the Mountain 

  (PDF) Last ride for an Old Cowboy

(PDF) Superstition Gold 

  (PDF) Lonesome Trail


Black Canyon Gunfight  In pdf

19 Rangers - 18 Winchesters  In pdf

Long Range Plinking with the 30-30  In pdf

Honor  In pdf

Secrets of Reloading the 9mm In pdf

Short History of the Levergun  In pdf

The Rossi Model 92  In pdf

Handgun Mulie  In pdf

Early Single Shot Leverguns  In pdf

Elmer's Bullets  In pdf

Bullet Lubes  In pdf

Old School Gunology  In pdf

The Superstition Mountains  In pdf

The Workhorse  In pdf

Ambushes & Tough Guys  In pdf

Dogs - The Unfriendly Kind  In pdf

Hunting the Lepus  In pdf

Signs In pdf

The Best  In pdf

Missouri Pistolmen  In pdf

Family Gun  In pdf

The Freechec Tool  In pdf

Adventures with an Appaloosa  In pdf

How Hard Does It Hit  In pdf

Riding with a Levergun  In pdf

Shooting Buffalo Bore's Heavy 348's  In pdf


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