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NOTE: Any Club interested in holding NRA Sanctioned Pistol Silhouette Matches - This is the information you need. Simply email the NRA Silhouette dept. and ask for an application, then follow the information outlined on this page and mail to the NRA Silhouette Dept. There is no per entry or per shooter fee for NRA Approved Sanctioned Matches.
  The following Regulations have been adopted by the NRA Silhouette Committee to establish procedures for NRA sanction of Approved Silhouette Tournaments, and to provide standards for organization and operation of silhouette tournaments. It should be noted that there are two types of NRA Sanctioned Tournaments: Approved and Registered. Registered Tournaments are the only ones in which National Records (see Rule 17.5) may be established (except for Long Run Records), and require a fee of $3.00 per competitor. State Championships require a fee of $4.00 per competitor, and Regional Championships require a fee of $6.00 per competitor. No per-shooter fee is required for NRA Approved Silhouette Tournaments.
1. Approval of NRA Approved Tournament (s): To obtain approval of tournaments, the following steps must be taken by the sponsoring organization in advance of the tournament date.
  (a) Send NRA your completed application and draft copies of your completed programs, BOTH IN DUPLICATE, 30 days in advance of tournament date.
  (b) NRA will review the program and notify you if changes are required. As soon as a tournament is granted sanction, one copy of the signed application and program will be returned to the tournament sponsor as authority to conduct the tournament.
  (c) If the above is not done, the NRA reserves the right to cancel its sanction of the tournament.
  (d) In order to be listed once in Shooting Sports USA, your applications and programs must be received by the Competitions Division by the 15th of the month, 2 months before the month of issue. If you desire publicity in more than one issue (up to a maximum of 6 months), an additional month's notice must be allowed for each monthly listing.
2. Rules: Tournaments must be conducted under current NRA Rules.
3. Courses of Fire: Silhouette courses of fire are listed in this NRA Silhouette Rulebook. The normal course of fire for an Approved Tournament is a single 40-shot match, 10 shots at each target. Other courses of fire may be used, subject to NRA approval of the program.
4. Awards: Sponsors will furnish all awards. An awards schedule must be part of the tournament program. The method, time and place of issuance of awards is at the option of the sponsor with due notice to the competitors in the Tournament Program.
5. Entry Fees: Sponsors may charge competitors an entry fee, which must be stated in the program.
6. Classification: The NRA Classification System and Classification must be used. Page one of the Classification Book explains the system.
7. Tournament Officials as Competitors: Officials may compete in Approved Silhouette Tournaments.
8. Squadding: Sponsors may squad competitors as they desire. It is suggested that Squadding be done in relays, with all targets and distances used in each relay, depending on the number of competitors and target bays available.
9. Club Jury Representatives: A Club Jury Representative must represent the club in each Approved Tournament, and must be named at the time of filing the application. In the case of multiple tournament approval, more than one person may be named. The Club Jury Representative will be a member of the Jury and will act in the same capacity as the other two Jury members. The Match Director, Chief Range Officer and Chief Statistical Officer may NOT be members of the Jury.
10. NRA Membership: Competitors are encouraged, but not required, to hold individual membership. However, sponsors may require NRA individual membership if they so desire.
11. National Records: Approved Tournament scores are eligible for Long Run Records only.
12. Bulletin Boards: A bulletin board must be maintained for posting scores.
13. Conflicting Dates: It is the responsibility of Approved Tournament sponsors to arrange their tournament schedule so as not to conflict with other tournaments in the same area.
14. Reports: The Match Director is responsible for being certain that the Jury report and payment stubs from the Classification Books sold are sent to NRA within 5 days of the completion of the tournament. Any Official Bulletins which the Club desires to send to NRA may be sent at the same time.

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