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The Los Angeles Handgun, Rifle, Air Pistol Silhouette Club

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Joel Mosher -


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A Short History Of LASC


     The Los Angeles Silhouette Club (LASC) was started within weeks of the first Handgun Silhouette match held in Tucson, AZ, in 1975 with the efforts of John Adams. John also became the first President of IHMSA when it was formed the following year. LASC held the very first IHMSA sanctioned match and IHMSA held it's first Championship event at LASC. When the lease was up LASC moved it's range to the Sand Canyon Range in Canyon Country, Ca. In 1985 the Sand Canyon Range property was sold and LASC was on the move again. In 1986 the club moved back to it's first range, and present location at Angeles Shooting Range Complex in Lake View Terrace and began construction of a brand new range. LASC was under the guidance of Club President Ron Cottriel and Match Directors Ron & Lee Cottriel. Under 14 years of Ron & Lee's leadership the worlds first Handgun Silhouette Club grew into the worlds largest hosting the finest silhouette matches anywhere.

     The current LASC range was built entirely from the volunteer labor of members and non-members alike over the past 14 years under the tireless, non stop efforts and guidance of George Adams. Thanks in huge part to George, LASC now has a 10 bank, 44 shooting position range carved out of a canyon on the west side of The Angeles Shooting Ranges property that is used strictly for Handgun Silhouette. Featuring a concrete 200 foot covered firing line, LASC offers every Pistol Silhouette category from Long Range to Air Pistol and has hosted the NRA Pistol Silhouette National Championships for 9 of the last 11 years. Covered and open patio areas for lunches and dinners plus hot showers, RV electric hook-ups and RV water and dump are available at the range. Economical lunches are served at all LASC matches and major events also include breakfast. Every club that has a George Adams has the pride of it's membership that is so evident at LASC.

     LASC has monthly two day matches beginning on the second Saturday of each month and held year round except July and September. In July LASC hosts the NRA Pistol Silhouette National Championships and in September LASC puts on the Extravaganza of Silhouette. All of our monthly events and the Extravaganza feature Long Range, Hunter's Pistol, Small-bore, Small-bore Hunters Pistol, Cast Bullet Rifle and Small-bore Cowboy Rifle. Every monthly match at LASC is open to the public. Everyone is welcome, you don't have to join or be affiliated with anyone. You need only to come out and see for yourself how much fun the reactive steel targets of silhouette can be. In addition, LASC matches are dual sanctioned by both the NRA and IHMSA. Every event held at LASC features an all you can eat family BBQ professionally prepared on site by George Adams. Different formats are used throughout the year such as the whole pig roast, Chili Cook offs, Spaghetti sauce cook offs and the Cajun style turkey deep fried in peanut oil. The Extravaganza features two of these BBQ's included for the same $35.00 entry fee.

     On the third Saturday of each month LASC loans it's range to The Shade Tree Shooters, an Air Pistol Silhouette Club that adds Air Pistol to the list of categories fired year round at LASC.

     In late 1995 at the conclusion of a long day working on the range, Club President George Adams & Match Director Rick Kelter were the last two at the range. A conversation took place that added another chapter to the history of LASC. George said he would like to have a special match, something to give back to the shooters that have supported Silhouette and LASC. Rick took that idea and ran with it. 1996 was the Twentieth Anniversary of Handgun Silhouette and on our regular second weekend of the month in September, LASC put on the First Annual Extravaganza of Silhouette - The Twentieth Anniversary of Silhouette Reunion Event. This event was attended by such notables as John Adams, Bob Mijares and many, many others. The event was such a huge success that in 1997 it was moved to the three day Labor Day weekend and Small-bore, Small-bore Hunter's Pistol, three Small-bore Cowboy Rifle and Small-bore 1/5 scale pistol and rifle categories were added. Word of the Extravaganza has spread and the Fourth Annual Extravaganza in 1999 hosted guests from as far away as Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and Holland. 609 entries were fired in two and a half days of the event. The Extravaganza is all the entries you can shoot for one entry fee and in 1998 Steve Tapp got his money worth winning the Iron Man Award for the third year in a row. Steve fired 29 entries in two and a half days of competition barely edging out Paul Campagna with 28 entries. Now after ten years there have been ten different Champions of the Extravaganza but only one Iron Man . . . . Steve Tapp.

     In late 1999 the NRA formally sanctioned "Cowboy Lever Action Rifle Silhouette" with the help and guidance of Tony Tello, an NRA Silhouette Committee Member, Rifle Silhouette National Champion and LASC Club Member. Starting in January 2000 LASC added this sanctioned category of silhouette shooting and Tony will serve as LASC Match Director for this discipline. With Tony's expertise with rifle silhouette, handloading and leadership abilities watch this new form of silhouette shooting grow into a great sport for the entire family.

     The 2001 annual meeting saw the return of George Adams as Vice President after an absence of a couple of years to pursue a business venture. With George's help and the leadership of the current Executive Committee listed at the top of this page, LASC continues to improve and host the finest event's held anywhere. Our monthly events are open to the public. You only need to come out, participate and see for yourself how much fun there is in the reactive steel targets of handgun Silhouette and the family atmosphere of The Los Angeles Silhouette Club.


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